In this article, we will be discussing easy and straightforward maintenance tips that can aid in making sure that your fireplace is in great condition. Also, the following chimney maintenance must be done to minimize your risk of the roof and home damage: 

Chimney caps 

If your chimney doesn’t have a chimney cap, you must seriously think about getting one installed. Chimney caps serve as barriers that will shield your chimney from several factors, such as debris (sticks, leaves), animals (rats, mice, raccoons, birds), and weather (ice, snow, rain). 

Sweeping and cleaning 

Guarantee to keep your chimney on a regular chimney sweeping and cleaning schedule. This will stop any issues from getting even worse eventually and obtain problems in their starting stages so they can be improved.  

Moreover, sweeping and cleaning your chimney regularly can stop hazardous risks from accumulating. Creosote accumulation can result in increased danger of house fires together with exposure to hazardous elements like ash and carbon monoxide. Cleaning must at least be done once a year with more scheduled based on how often you use your chimney.  


Without proper waterproofing, wind and water coming from outdoors can make chimney cracks. As a result, it can give unwanted moisture in the chimney, roof leaks, mold development, and damage to the walls or chimneys. You have to get your chimney protected using waterproofing ways like crowns, chimney covers, sealants, and other waterproofing options.  

Burn the right wood 

Burning the right wood of the best methods to make sure that your chimney will always function well for several years with a wood-burning stove within your fireplace. The most ideal option for burning in a fireplace is hardwood since its logs—birch, oak, ash, etc.— tend to burn longer and hotter. Meaning, you will be having more bang for your buck than more inexpensive softwood options like spruce, pine, cedar, and others.  

Moreover, hardwood has less resin and sap., Hence, burning hardwood in your fireplace won’t lead to a massive accumulation of creosote, which is a buildup of particles and ash that can lead to risky fire hazards. Moreover, it can make the chimney way harder to maintain and clean over time.  

Have your chimney inspected 

On top of cleaning the chimney every year, we also highly suggest you have a chimney inspection at least once every year. There are different chimney level inspections that you can have based on what situation you’re in.  

Most people just require a chimney inspection of level 1 or level 2. Inspections are important especially if you’re suspicious of having severe chimney damage or when you have experienced any damages, storms, or other problems in the house recently. Experts who do such inspections can then help you to determine which maintenance tips you should practice and follow to resolve particular issues of your house and chimney. You can also ask them to do brick chimney repair Atlanta service if you think this is what your chimney needs right now.